Calico Critters for Kids: What to Know

Calico Critters is a brand that specialises in producing miniature homes/dollhouses, furniture, accessories, and animal figures. This is a familiar name for all parents with young children invested in playing with dollhouses. 

What makes these toys so endearing? What makes them special? Before we get to that, we need to learn everything we can about these adorable little playmates.

All You Need To Know About Calico Critters

The critter dolls are made of a flocked material that makes them soft and durable at the same time. The company began its journey in Japan back in 1985. Since then, it has come a long way and now distributes products worldwide. 

Unique and fun to play with, these Critters are also made of high-quality material. The doll sets are usually sold as families. The traditional father, mother, brother, sister, and baby set are there. 

There are also sisters and brothers sets that are part of a particular series. The houses, shops, and furniture are designed with intricate details that make them look almost lifelike. 

The Critters live in the close-knit community of Calico village in harmony. All Critters have particular jobs or hobbies that they practice. The values of love, friendship, harmony, sharing, and happiness are what children learn from the Calico Critters. 

Have you heard or rather seen something similar called Sylvanian Families and wondering which one is a rip-off? Actually, they are the same. Calico Critters is sold as Sylvanian Families in other parts of the world (except the US).

Why Do Kids Love Calico Critters

There is no point in writing about this, as one look at them would invariably prove everything we write. But for the sake of those making their first purchase, we shall list out a few reasons why kids are all for calico critters.

They Are Adorable 

These are eternally cute beings, be it rabbits, cats or little squirrels. It is not possible for them to not be adorable. Calico Critter dolls are animal figures dressed in even more adorable costumes. They are a treat to look at and fit very well with the dollhouses and play situations. 


Calico Critters allow kids to understand the life around them in a better manner. Each Critter, as mentioned above, has a role to play in the community, and every character is important to the overall development of the village.

Propagates Good Values

Pretend play is a great way for children to learn about many things, including good values. The Calico Critter characters help them understand the importance of friendship, sharing, and togetherness and reinforce the idea of a community. 

Age Appropriate

These toys are age-appropriate because they can be used by children aged 4 or 5 and over. Since many of the sets have very small parts, they are not recommended for use by kids younger than four years of age. It appeals to very young children and older ones alike. 

Appealing Designs

The attention to detail in manufacturing even the smallest element of the Calico Critters set is laudable. The fur of the Critter dolls has a soft velvety texture that gives it a snuggly touch. Outfits are uniquely designed for each character, and many furniture parts are functioning. 


Let’s be honest here. Kids are not the most gentle players. They do not know the difference between handling a soft toy and a plastic one. Thus, in buying kids’ toys, we always go for stuff that can last the brute force of a child’s play. Customer reviews are enough proof that Calico Critters have stood the test of time and the force of little hands. 


Since the brand offers many different yet equally endearing sets to match the ones you may already have, you can easily create a collection of Critters. Whether you want a small (single) collection or a whole village (literally), this is one brand where you can count on new families, furniture, and environments introduced each year. 


This is probably the best thing; the brand conducts several mascot events throughout the United States of America and Canada. This allows kids to be a part of a community of Calico Critter lovers and share in their collective imagination. 


Another aspect of Calico Critters that makes it a well-loved miniature toy empire is the variety it offers. Be it characters or scenarios, and there are a plethora of options available. The Calico Critter universe has incorporated more than 20 animal species in its dolls, making it even more inclusive, harmonious, and encouraging creatively than any other brand. 

In Conclusion

There is no confusion about the fact that kids love Calico Critters. In this article, we have tried to explain the reasons. Other than the features and qualities mentioned above, there are innumerable reasons why you should choose this brand to make your kids’ playtime more enriching. 

Calico Critters is a brand that offers much more than toys. A world without a little bit of magic and a lot of imagination will undoubtedly be a bleak one. Calico Critters does just that.

It allows children to imagine a world that could be, where squirrels and rabbits and hedgehogs live together and harbour meaningful friendships. These toys set a precedent for children to follow in their own lives and make the world a better place in the future. 

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